About Screen Jumper

Screen Jumper's patented detection and notification solution uses existing TV and radio systems and workflows to connect content owners with viewers and listeners. Screen Jumper offers a turnkey solution for content discovery and monetization by enabling user-selected apps and web services to receive real-time notifications when associated content sources are viewed or heard.

Viewer and listener privacy is top of mind! The solution requires their authorization to notify content owners and does not use mobile devices' microphones to monitor content. Screen Jumper uses existing embedded content identification to detect cable, satellite, broadcast and OTT content. Precise audience monitoring and addressability allows programmers, brands and content owners to gather high-value, multi-platform data and engage viewers and listeners with the right content at the right time.

  • The Screen Jumper service

    Screen Jumper is the ideal content-monitoring, notification, validation and user-engagement solution to define the data currency the industry needs.

  • The Preface app

    Preface is the missing link programmers and operators need to convert viewers and listeners into users. The app provides relevant contextual information for what you see on TV and hear on the radio.

  • Secure

    User privacy and content owners' rights are always protected.

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Value Proposition

To the Viewers

  • Obtain immediate, accurate and relevant information about what they are watching on TV or listening to on the radio
  • Discover contextual apps and web services without having to search for them
  • Experience fully synchronized second-screen apps for both live and time-shifted programming
  • Receive push notifications from authorized apps, even when their mobile devices are inactive
  • Opt-in with their favorite retailers to sync their shopping experience with what they see on TV or hear on the radio
  • Do not miss out on anything, as the mobile service is automatically activated when they are within range of the television or radio on which the Screen Jumper service is installed
  • To the Programmers and Operators

  • Create an addressable, high-value inventory from TV and radio content, without any integration with mobile devices, set-top boxes, TVs or radios
  • Use linear, on-demand and OTT programming and multi-platform interactions to build first-rate user profile data
  • Generate premium revenue opportunities across national and local TV advertising
  • Drive second-screen app engagements through relevant, timely notifications about content that matters to viewers and listeners
  • Offer users interesting contextual information that drives them to programmers' and operators' apps and web services
  • Use the solution to create contextual and synchronized second-screen experiences
  • How it Works


    Get it, install it

  • All users need to do is obtain the Beacon Detector or a compatible device and connect it with their mobile devices via Bluetooth
  • Then, they activate the service using the Preface app
  • After the initial activation, users no longer need to launch the service: Beacon technology automatically launches the app as soon as the user is within range of the Beacon Detector
  • 2

    Watch & Listen

  • The service is activated as soon as the user is within range of the TV or radio with the Beacon Detector; TV viewers and radio listeners can always refer to the Preface app, whose sole purpose is to connect them with the information, apps and related web services they want
  • Content owners have an exclusive channel to communicate with their viewers and listeners
  • 3

    Discover, Interact & add apps of interest

  • TV viewers and radio listeners can activate additional apps!
  • Once users have given their authorization, Screen Jumper partners' apps receive notifications synchronized with linear programming and OTT services, even if the users' mobile devices are inactive
  • 4

    An amazing new world!

  • Screen Jumper is a user-friendly solution that offers endless possibilities not only to TV viewers and radio listeners, but also to content owners and operators
  • The Preface App

    Contextual Information

  • Preface displays real-time contextual information, along with a program info banner, web services and social media pages
  • Flash cards with relevant synchronized information then appear, driving TV viewers and radio listeners to content owners' apps and extended synchronized experiences
  • Information Time Machine

  • Users can go back to past flash cards and program banners, even if their mobile devices were inactive when the related content was initially heard or seen
  • Extended synchronized user experiences

  • Partner apps can use the Screen Jumper service to synchronize interactions with their linear and OTT programming, offering their viewers and listeners brand-new and enhanced TV and radio experiences
  • Targeted and addressable advertising

  • User-authorized apps can send targeted messages, promotions and direct-response purchase links to users
  • Authorized advertisers can use the Screen Jumper service to synchronize interaction with their linear and OTT video and audio ad campaigns, and offer targeted interactions while gathering valuable user profile data
  • Meet The Team

    Yves Daoust

    CEO and President

    I've worked with many operators and media companies during my career and I'm no stranger to building new ventures. With the team and our partners we have designed the most innovative solution of its kind with the goal of creating a paradigm shift in the TV and radio advertising and content ecosystem.

    Martin Benoit


    I have worked in many layers of software engineering, including boot loader, kernel drivers, graphic engines, applications and backends. I am continually seeking new challenges. I thrive in unfamiliar situations and feel most motivated when I can help people.

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      Montreal, Canada
    • Email: info@screenjumper.tv